Building Surveyors are knowledgeable in a wide range of property and construction related matters

At times, a Building Surveyor’s skills overlap with other professions such as architecture, structural engineering or quantity surveying. However, their core skills are in defect diagnosis, building surveying and dilapidation work.

Building Surveying

Defect Diagnosis

Building pathology is the investigation and diagnosis of the causes of defects in buildings. Our team of Building Surveyors is highly skilled and experienced in assessing buildings to establish the source of defects and advise on repair strategies. Where necessary, we are able to offer specialist testing and investigation methods utilising the latest technology in order to provide the most accurate diagnosis of the problems. We can arrange for the use of specialist access equipment or utilise mobile cameras so that a full inspection of normally inaccessible areas can be made. With our knowledge of building construction and technology used over the centuries, we can advise on properties of any age and provide our clients with a comprehensive report on defects occurring, repairs required and formulate planned maintenance programmes. Our client instructions have included diagnosis of defects to Grade 1 historic buildings through to defects occurring in brand new domestic housing – defects can occur in any building of any age or type. The diagnosis and repair of defects in buildings will ensure that the life of your property is prolonged and the investment protected.

Expert Evidence

Gateley Vinden’s experienced Building Surveyors regularly provide expert technical evidence in relation to property and construction disputes. This includes a comprehensive analysis of the matter in dispute, followed by either initial informal advice or preparation of an expert report for submission to the court. Our Building Surveyors are trained in giving evidence under cross examination and have substantial courtroom experience. A number of our Surveyors are also members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ Expert Witness Registration Scheme. Our clients range from private householders to national PLC companies.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Boundary determination.
  • Building surveying.
  • Construction standards, specifications and defects.
  • Construction disputes and claims.
  • Dilapidations.
  • Expert determination.
  • Housing Disrepair.
  • Management of construction health and safety.
  • Party Walls.
  • Professional negligence.

Property Acquisition

Buildings can harbour an array of defects. At Gateley Vinden, our team of Chartered Building Surveyors provide a range of services which will help you identify such problems. Information is always presented in a clear and understandable format in order to assist your understanding of our advice.

Pre-Purchase Surveys – if you are considering the acquisition of a property and demand peace of mind, we can help. You may need to know the property’s condition, any defects present (and their remedies) and the need for specialist investigations before you complete the purchase. We can carry out a comprehensive level 3 Building Survey of the property and provide a bespoke report which will be tailored to suit the type of property and your specific requirements.

Measured Surveys – a measured survey will provide dimensional information on land or property. This can be useful to determine space requirements at the feasibility stage.

Lease repairing obligations advice – using our expertise in settling Dilapidations claims, we are well placed to advise businesses on the impact of repairing obligations contained in their lease. To aid financial planning, we are also able to inspect premises and provide projections of likely Dilapidations liabilities at the end of a lease term.

Landlord AND Tenant

Dilapidations have significance for any person letting a property or any person occupying a property under a lease agreement. Dilapidation claims arise from breaches of repairing covenants contained in a lease. At or near the end of a tenant’s lease, the landlord may instruct a Surveyor to prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations which outlines building repairs that the tenant is responsible for under the terms of the lease.   

We will use our expertise to identify and comment on breaches of lease covenants before suggesting appropriate remedies, preparing schedules and negotiating with other parties to progress towards settlement of the claim. Acting as an advisor to either landlord or tenant, our aim is to provide objective and pragmatic advice in order to achieve settlement of the claim. We can act as expert witness in Dilapidations matters where an out of court settlement is not achieved.

Schedules of Condition – we advise all our commercial clients who are entering into a lease agreement to commission a Schedule of Condition. This survey can be appended to a lease to provide a property condition benchmark. The Schedule can be re-visited at the end of the lease term in order to help establish a tenant’s responsibilities to repair the property.

Asset Management

Maintaining property can be expensive. At Gateley Vinden, we can help you develop or improve your property maintenance strategy to help reduce unnecessary long term costs.

Condition Surveys – establishing the physical condition of property is essential as it enables maintenance works to be prioritised and costed. We work closely with clients in order to formulate a condition survey brief which is specific to their requirements. In the past, we have carried out detailed condition surveys on school and nursery buildings, manufacturing facilities, retail premises, historic buildings and leisure facilities.

Planned maintenance schedules and budget costs – in addition to our property condition assessment services, we are able to advise clients on future property maintenance liabilities and provide budgets for Life Cycle Cost Planning. We can also advise on strategies to improve the effectiveness of a maintenance regime and further likely costs of maintenance works over a given period. In this way, we can help improve the cost and operational effectiveness of a business.

Property Refurbishment

We believe that all construction projects require detailed planning and sound management from inception through to completion.

Our Building Surveyors can provide a complete property refurbishment service to suit your needs including the following services:

  • Contract administration.
  • Design and specification.
  • Feasibility and space planning.
  • Preparation of Planning, Building Regulation and Licensing Applications to the Local Authority.
  • Principal Designer.
  • Project management.

Insurance Cover and Claims

Reinstatement cost assessments – we can inspect and measure premises, preparing cost estimates to cover the demolition and re-building of the premises to determine the appropriate level of insurance cover required.

Repairs following loss – our Surveyors regularly design, specify, tender, monitor and administrate building repair following insured losses.  We are engaged by Insurers, Brokers and Policyholders.

Conservation of Historic Buildings

We are both qualified and experienced in providing clients with conservation advice in respect of period and historic buildings. Such buildings generally demand a different approach to maintenance and repair works than a modern building in order that the character and materials of the building can be conserved. We can advise clients on repair solutions and liaise with Local Authority Conservation Officers in order to obtain the necessary statutory consents.

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