Capital Allowances are a UK government incentive for both individuals and businesses

The incentive is in the form of a tax relief as a deduction against profits, reducing the amount of tax required to be paid. The input of a capital allowance advisor, such as Gateley Vinden, can be utilised to identify and value the qualifying expenditure on which the client can claim.

Recent Changes to Capital ALLOWANCES

In April 2014, HMRC introduced additional requirements, namely pooling requirements that need to be met for all commercial property transactions.  Any available allowances unclaimed by the seller are lost to not only the new purchaser, but to any potential purchaser(s) in the future.  This could also have an effect on the property’s value.   All property owners should review their portfolio to establish if they have any unclaimed allowances. Capital Allowances are available on all property types other than private dwellings, unless they are used as a holiday letting. Gateley Vinden can assist with this process by identifying and quantifying any unclaimed allowances.


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