Our service covers the requirements of property funders and investors with many years’ experience across all construction sectors

We have the expertise and track record across many property sectors to provide funders with independent and impartial advice to facilitate the management of development risk and the protection of the funder’s interests.

Protection Measures

The protection of a funder’s interests in a development that is not under its direct control requires a careful and controlled review process of the project information, the monitoring of construction activity on site and the completion of the necessary documentation and approvals.  This commences with an initial report, continues with interim reports (normally monthly) and concludes with a completion report.

Client Sectors

We provide fund monitoring services to the following types of clients:

  • Banks and development finance companies.
  • Funding institutions.
  • Institutional investors.
  • Tenants or purchasers.
  • Grant funders.
  • Insurance companies.

Mitigation of Risk

The key to successful fund monitoring is to complete a thorough and detailed review of the development and be proactive in identifying potential issues as early as possible in the process that could ultimately impact upon the overall delivery of the development.

Our appointment at the outset of a funder’s involvement in a development process provides a clear understanding of a Borrower’s proposals prior to the funding commitment being finalised.

Initial Report

The first stage of Fund Monitoring is to carry out a thorough review of the project and to confirm our conclusions in an Initial Report.

This report will address the key aspects of the development including:

  • Land and property acquisition matters.
  • Statutory consents including planning and Building Regulations.
  • Details of the developer and project team.
  • Financial appraisals.
  • Development, finance and consultancy agreements.
  • Construction documentation and contractual arrangements.
  • Construction costs.
  • Development and construction programmes.
  • Design, specification and construction quality.
  • Insurance arrangements including warranties and bonds.
  • Cash flow.
  • Health and Safety.


Ongoing monitoring of the development ensures that the funder’s interests are protected and any risks properly managed until they are discharged in full.

Once the funder approves the Funding Agreements and the construction process commences, we will undertake regular reviews of the financial and construction progress, carry out site visits, reviewing development and construction agreements, provide recommendations for facility drawdowns against the terms of the Funding Agreement together with forecasts of costs to complete the project, programme and documentation updates.

Completion Report

At Practical Completion, we will carry out a final review of the project addressing the close-out of all key issues.

We will provide a Completion Report including occupation issues, the delivery of the necessary documentation including certificates, relevant consents, discharge of all conditions, financial position, Health and Safety file and any other relevant operating and maintenance manuals, a schedule of defects and a list of any outstanding works.

Developer/Building Owner Benefits

The ongoing monitoring of the development, on behalf of a funder, acts as a secondary check that the Developer/Builder owner’s interests are protected and any risks properly discharged.

This is achieved by:

  • Enhanced risk management.
  • Enhanced management of financial, quality and programme constraints.
  • Greater protection of the client's interests.
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