Construction projects can benefit from the appointment of a Project Manager

In this role we can programme, co-ordinate, direct and manage the activities of your project team and the Contractor appointed on your behalf, to ensure that your specific project requirements are achieved.

Project Management

Programming and Planning

Programming and planning skills are an essential ingredient for the smooth running of a construction project.

We will ensure that the project constraints and requirements are identified, understood and categorised in their order of importance.

We will programme the sequence, duration and dependency of every operation to ensure that each project milestone or objective is achieved.

Employer’s Agent

A high proportion of construction projects are procured via a ‘Design and Build’ contractual arrangement.

Under this procurement method, the appointed Contractor accepts responsibility for design, specification and construction.

We will manage this process on your behalf, acting as Employer's Agent, from initial identification of your requirements through to the final commissioning and handover of the completed project.

Financial Control

Maintaining financial control of your construction project should be high on your list of priorities.

We will ensure that formal control procedures are implemented from the outset.

We will agree interim payments with the Contractor for work completed, issue regular financial statements which will include the anticipated final construction costs and conclude with the agreement of the final account.

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