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 When is a Collateral Warranty not a Construction Contract? Collateral warranties are a fact of life in the construction industry. A warranty provides a contractual connection between two parties, primarily to allow a beneficiary of the warranty to sue in the event of a problem. Thus, employers will usually insist on being provided with Collateral Warranties from key sub-contractors on a project, particularly if those key sub-contractors have been involved in providing design.  
 No win no fee adjudication: Is the current cost of adjudication too high? There is no doubt about it, adjudication is simply no longer the quick D.I.Y. process that Parliament intended it would be when the original Act was introduced in May 1998. 23 years of legal and practice developments have undoubtedly morphed the process into one which is now, in our view, more like fast-track arbitration. There is also no doubt that these developments have taken their toll and frightened off many a potential claimant from pursuing a resolution of a dispute through the adjudication process.