Reaction to the governments housing white paper

Reaction to the governments housing white paper

Gateley Vinden says the chance for SMEs to challenge larger property developers could be a boost for the construction industry.

Reaction to the government’s housing white paper

The government has today published its housing white paper to tackle what, by its own admission, is a "broken market".

Peter Vinden, Managing Director of Gateley Vinden – a leading multi-disciplinary consultant company to the built environment, commented on the new housing strategy: “There has been some encouraging statistics on housebuilding in recent surveys on the construction industry but the aim to build 250,000 a year has always been an ambitious one.

“There has certainly been no shortage of housing announcements from this government over the years but it is no real surprise to hear that they are behind schedule in hitting this target.

“The chance for smaller companies to challenge the larger housing developers will be music to the ears of the SMEs and could potentially be a real shot in the arm for the construction industry.

“The type of housing we are building is as important as the number. Building unaffordable luxury housing will do nothing for the younger generation desperate for their own homes.

“There is also a contradiction in government policy where renting is being pushed as an option to owning your own home but we have seen changes in stamp duty that make life more difficult for private landlords.

“The bottom line is the government and people affected by the shortfall in homes cannot afford for these measures to fall short. More affordable homes need to built and quickly.”