Reaction to the Prime Minister's Brexit speech

Reaction to the Prime Minister's Brexit speech

Gateley Vinden welcomes the Prime Minister’s attempts to provide clarity to Britain’s ambitions in its Brexit negotiations.

Peter Vinden, Managing Director of Gateley Vinden – a leading multi-disciplinary consultant company to the built environment said: “Finally, we are getting some clarity on how the government will set out its stall in its Brexit negotiations – something the construction industry has been calling out for over the last six months.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear we will be getting a clean break from the European Union but will look to maintain close relationships and trading ties with Europe.

“Leaving the Common Market will give Britain a more global outlook to trade and the government will now be free to negotiate advantageous trade deals with nations around the world.

“Making sure the construction industry isn’t adversely affected by any potential drop in skilled workers will be crucial to ensuring long term infrastructure and housing projects. The government needs to get the shape of the immigration system correct to allow skilled workers to ply their trade whilst maintaining the necessary control.

“Of course saying the things you want to get from negotiations is not the same as what you end up achieving but we at least now have a clearer picture of the Prime Minister’s ambitions.

“Mrs May’s comments that no deal is better than a bad deal has drawn a line in the sand. We know what the government want to achieve, we as an industry and as a nation, need to roll up our sleeves and get on with making Brexit a success. We have set sail on this path, and whether or not people voted for Brexit, it is in everybody’s interest that is a success.”