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 Musical Chairs - Cost Recovery in Adjudication When I was a child, not so long ago (no sniggering please), my favourite game was musical chairs. I loved waiting for the music to stop and then dashing for one of the vacant chairs. Oh, what fun we had. I never knew when the music would stop and which chair would be free. I never thought for one minute that I would still be playing a version of that game so far down the road into my professional career. What am I talking about? Well, what I am referring to is yet another twist in the “recovery of inter-party costs in adjudication” road.  
 Love thy Neighbour... just don't give him any Free Advice My wife absolutely loves offering my services as a matchmaker, job finder and building consultant to her many friends and colleagues and yes, you've guessed it, I don't get paid for any of these favours. Now I think it is fairly clear that when I succumb to my wife's promises and I find myself looking at a wonky wall, badly plastered ceiling or dodgy extension I am not entering into a contract with these people but the current Mrs Vinden (there will be only the one, I hope) might be surprised to learn that I could still be sued if I cock up in the granting of the requested favour. Why is this?  
 Adjudicating Two Disputes at the Same Time, Unintended Consequences Paragraph 8(1) of The Scheme for Construction Contracts (England Wales) Regulations 1998 as amended by The Scheme for Construction Contracts (England Wales) Regulations 1998 (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2011 (“the Scheme”) says; “The adjudicator may, with the consent of all the parties to those disputes, adjudicate at the same time on more than one dispute under the same contract”. But what exactly does this mean?