Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

Accurate cost information is vital to the success of any construction project.

Gateley Vinden will advise you on costs relating to alternative design and specification solutions as your scheme evolves. This process will begin with the very first sketch designs and conclude with the final issue of construction drawings.

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Our experienced Quantity Surveying team have many years of repeat client commissions based on strong early cost advice and successful project delivery.

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Procurement Arrangements

There are many methods of procuring the construction of a new building or engineering project.

We will help you determine the order of your project priorities.

Cost, programme, quality, design, type of building contract and all other relevant issues will be considered before we recommend the most appropriate method of procurement to suit your particular requirements.

Client Protection Measures

The safeguarding of our clients’ interests is of paramount importance to Gateley Vinden.

Insurance, bonds, warranty arrangements, liquidated damages, sectional completion requirements, performance specified work and project preliminaries are just a few of the measure we can draft and apply on your behalf in order to protect your specific project interests.

Contractual Arrangements

Selection of the most appropriate form of contract is vital.

Project size, design responsibility, complexity, competitive tendering or partnering, programme and budget constraints are all issues which should be considered before a particular contractual arrangement is adopted.

We will select, amend or draft most appropriate form of contract to suit your specific needs.

Contractor Appointments

Selecting contractors to undertake the construction of your project is not a straightforward task.

Price alone may not be the most important issue. Partnership arrangements, reputation for reliability and quality may, for example, be more important considerations.

We will help you to determine the criteria or key performance indicators (KPIs) important to your particular project. We will investigate, interview, select and appoint the contractor most suited to satisfy yor specific needs.

Post Contract Cost Control / Feedback on KPIs

By the time a contractor has been appointed to deliver your project, significant financial investment will already have been committed on your behalf.

This is not the time to allow your project to run out of financial control.

We will accept responsibility for monitoring the financial aspects and KPIs for the project on your behalf. We will report to you on a regular basis, thus enabling you to control project expenditure and learn from best practice.


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