Construction Dispute Management

Fundamental to the effective resolution of any business dispute is an objective appraisal of your case.

From the outset of any commission of our construction dispute resolution services, we will provide you with a clear and concise opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your position. We will guide you through the options available to resolve the dispute and recommend the method of dispute resolution which will achieve your particular objectives as quickly and as economically as possible.

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Our aim is to provide our clients with the effective solutions to problems based on our client's commercial interest - not ours or anyone else’s for that matter.

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Case Presentation and Dispute Settlement

Professional case presentation will in many cases avoid protracted and expensive legal proceedings, when entering commercial dispute negotiations.

We will demonstrate your legal entitlement and wherever possible negotiate an advantageous settlement on your behalf without resorting to legal proceedings.

Mediation Services

Our mediation services provide you with an alternative dispute resolution procedure, instigated by us on your behalf, to achieve settlement of your case without invoking formal legal proceedings.

Where dispute mediation is an option we can prepare your case, attend any meeting and pursue a resolution of your dispute, using forceful presentation and convincing argument.

Statutory Adjudication

The majority of construction disputes can now be resolved by statutory adjudication.

A fast-track legal procedure introduced by Parliament for the resolution of disputes in qualifying construction contracts entered into from the 1st May 1998.

The full complement of our expertise will be used throughout the management of your case. We will ensure that the statutory time scales and contractual procedures are complied with and that your case is presented in a forceful and effective manner.


It may be appropriate for your construction dispute to be referred to arbitration if a negotiated settlement is not possible.

In such circumstances we will advise you on the appointment of a suitably experienced solicitor to deal with the care and conduct of the arbitration proceedings or we will work with your existing legal team.

We will maintain our involvement in the case, acting as your arbitration case manager. We will also provide independent expert evidence whenever this is required.

Litigation Support

We can provide you with litigation support, when - in extreme situations - dispute resolution negotiations have failed. In such circumstances, it may become necessary for your construction dispute to be dealt with by litigation.

We will advise you on the appointment of a suitably experienced solicitor to deal with the care and conduct of litigation proceedings or we will work with your existing legal team.

We will maintain our involvement in the case, acting as your case manager. We will also provide independent expert evidence whenever this is required.

Dispute Management FAQ's

What is Dispute Management?

It is inevitable that in a competitive construction market disputes and conflicts will occur. Surveyors are well placed to manage such conflict and advise parties on efficient ways to resolve disputes. In our view, dispute management is about objectivity and providing clear and concise advice. We believe that this leads to a fast and cost effective resolution to conflict.

Does that mean I have to go to court?

It might but most conflicts end before that. There are many steps we can take at various points in a project which can help avoid the dispute from arising in the first place or limit the effect it has on your business. For example, a great many conflicts have their roots in the contract itself. We can review the terms of your proposed contract, report on problem areas and suggest amendments. We can also give you our opinion on where you stand as well as act as expert witness or represent you in ADR.

What is ADR?

ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Taking a dispute to court should be a last resort for parties involved in a dispute. As such, the courts now actively encourage conflicting parties to enter into some form of voluntary procedure to settle a construction dispute before entering into formal litigation. ADR procedures usually take the form of mediation, conciliation and adjudication.

I have been asked to take part in a mediation to settle my construction dispute. Is this a good idea?

Mediation is now actively encouraged by the courts and parties who refuse to enter into such a process may be exposed to costs should a dispute proceed to litigation. In terms of the process, mediation is often seen as a structured negotiation which is led by a neutral person. The process is initially non-binding but can become binding if a settlement is reached. As a means of settling disputes, mediation has a high success rate.

What is Adjudication?

Statutory adjudication was introduced by the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and this has transformed dispute resolution in the construction industry since implementation on 1 May 1998. The reason for this being that under the Act, construction contracts must contain provision for adjudication. Adjudication is a quick method of resolving a dispute as an appointed adjudicator must give a decision within 28 days of referral. This decision is binding until such a time as the matter may proceed to arbitration or litigation. Alternatively, the parties may agree to take the adjudicators decision as final.

What is Arbitration?

If a negotiated settlement of a claim is not possible it may be appropriate for a dispute to be referred to arbitration. Proceeding to litigation is an expensive, public and time consuming activity and arbitration offers an alternative whereby the dispute remains private and parties can exercise some control over the third party decision maker (the arbitrator). The arbitration process is governed by the Arbitration Act 1996 and once the arbitrator gives his decision it can be enforced much in the same way as a court judgment.

What is Expert Determination?

Expert Determination is dispute resolution process in which an independent expert, in the subject matter of the dispute, is appointed by the parties to resolve the matter. The expert’s decision is again confidential and the process is usually invoked by a term in the contract which makes it legally binding on the parties.


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