Forensic Planning

Forensic Planning

Gateley Vinden provides both planning support for all stages of a project in and to forensic analysis for retrospective purposes.

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We provide practical and professional assistance to resolve disputes regarding extensions of time and proactive programme management to avoid disputes arising in the first place.

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Retrospective Planning Services

  • Post Contract claims preparation and defence using established industry recognised retrospective delay analysis methods.
  • Review of the Baseline programme and compliance with contract requirements and suitability for forensic purposes.
  • Preparation or assessment of cause and effect analysis ensuring realism to actual progress and events on a project.
  • Expert Witness services on time related issues, applying experience and intelligence to computer based analysis.

Dispute Avoidance

Gateley Vinden recognises that change is an inevitable part of construction and that the key to managing change and its cause and effect is thorough, robust and realistic planning and programming. All construction contracts provide clauses to claim entitlement for the effects of change but, experience has taught us that through pro-active programme management, exercising your entitlement to make claims in a clear and concise way is the most effective way to avoid disputes.

  • Review of the Baseline programme and compliance with contract requirements and suitability for proactive programme management, forecasting and early warnings.
  • Production of baseline programmes to ensure compliance with the Contract, critical path and accurate future programme management.
  • Independent programme audits to accurately record progress in order to identify forecast completion and extension of time entitlement.
  • Preparation of extension of time applications.
  • Preparation of time related quotes for the forecasted / potential impact of change.


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