Project Management

Construction projects can benefit from the appointment of a Project Manager.

In this role we can programme, co-ordinate, direct and control the activities of your project team and those contractors appointed on your behalf, to ensure that your specific project criteria are achieved.

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We have managed the design, procurement and construction of every type of project from eco-houses to power stations and radio telescopes to churches.

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Programming and Planning

Programming and planning skills are an essential ingredient in the smooth running of a construction project.

We will ensure that your time constraints are identified, understood and categorised in their order of importance.

We will then programme the sequence, duration and dependency of every operation to ensure that each project milestone or objective is achieved.

Employer’s Agent

A good number of construction projects are now procured via a ‘design and build’ arrangement.

Under this process, the appointed contractor accepts responsibility for design, specification and construction.

We can manage this process on your behalf, acting as Employer’s Agent from initial identification of your needs through to the final commissioning and hand-over of your completed project.

Financial Control

Maintaining financial control of your construction project should be high on your list of priorities.

We will ensure that proper control procedures are implemented from the outset.

We will prepare valuations of work done for the purpose of making interim payments, issue regular financial statements which predict final construction costs and conclude with the agreement of the contractor’s final account.

Project Management FAQ's

What is an Employer’s Agent and why do I need one?

This is a service provided in conjunction with Design and Build projects for the procurement of various types of property ranging from large industrial schemes through to smaller single residential projects. The services offered by the Employer’s Agent are generally bespoke and can be tailored to meet specific requirements of the Client.

It is a role carried out by Chartered Surveyors and helps to protect the contractual and financial position of developers, local authorities, housing associations and private individuals alike. Subject to the procurement route adopted, banks and funding organisations will insist on the appointment of an Employer’s Agent prior to the agreement of loan facilities for building projects.

How will I know what the project will cost?

Prior to the works starting on site and subject to the level of design information available, a detailed budget can be prepared to forecast the anticipated cost of the scheme. This also provides an opportunity to make any adjustments to the design and specification to meet your specific budgetary requirements.

How do I agree with a builder what is needed?

Utilising design documents prepared by architects, structural engineers, mechanical and electrical consultants etc we would compile an “Employer’s Requirements” document – this formalises the basis of an agreement between the parties in terms of specification, project duration and (once established) the agreed cost.

How can I appoint a builder and ensure I get a competitive price?

We can select appropriate contractors to be included in a competitive tendering process. To ensure best value is achieved, enquiries are sent out to suitable contractors who will then compete for the work over an agreed tender period. Upon receipt of the contractor’s completed tenders we will review and make recommendations on your behalf.

Once my builder is appointed how can I be sure the project is progressing in line with my requirements?

As Employer’s Agent, we will administer the building contract on your behalf which will include holding and chairing periodic site meetings where the appointed contractor will report on current progress and quality of the scheme. These meetings are generally held monthly and identify the anticipated completion date, address any information requirements the builder may have, compliance with Building Control / warranty provider’s requirements etc.

How will I know how much and when to pay the builder?

We will formalise this by drafting a “Design and Build” contract on your behalf. The contract will confirm the overall cost of the scheme, when work will start and the agreed completion date. In conjunction with the contractor we will agree valuations (usually monthly) to confirm how much money the builder is entitled to as the development progresses. If required a cashflow can also be prepared at the outset to give an indication on expected monthly costs.

In addition to this we will issue instructions for any variations, agreement of the final cost of the works and formalise practical completion procedures.

How will I know what the final cost of the works is likely to be?

We will prepare regular Financial Statements on your behalf to provide an indication on the anticipated final account. Final costs can vary in construction for example if specification or the quantity of the work items has been subject to change - this will be closely monitored and reported on as the project progresses.


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