Support for Owners and Management

We have extensive experience and in-house resources in all aspects of “Contractual” law, in the many sectors associated with the Construction industry and also with many other sectors, where a contract underpins the relationship between you and your supplier and/or customer.

Comapanies and Management

Our team

  • Our team has either run or operated at a senior level in main contractor and subcontractor businesses.
  • We can support you when you face financial or operational challenges and need a second opinion or some targeted advice.
  • We’ve come across most situations at least once and have a track record to quickly understand a situation and work with you to find a satisfactory solution for you and your customer.

Our Clients

  • Our clients tell us they come to us for clear, pragmatic advice and our tenacious approach. By clearly interpreting technical sector issues and implementing practical solutions that add value and influence outcomes.

What services we offer

Contract Reviews

Where you have difficulty in understanding the terms of a particular contract, we can review these and recommend changes and if necessary, negotiate on your behalf.

Internal Process/Procedures

We can review your internal Contract management process and procedures recommending changes where appropriate.

Cash flow and Dispute Resolution

Assist with Cash flow management and assist with dispute resolution. If necessary, taking this through Mediation, Adjudication or Arbitration process.


Reviewing your existing Performance Bonds and advising on future arrangements.

Fund Raising

Assistance in the obtaining of additional Finance through recommending a range of potential funding solutions.


Since establishment in 1994, we have advised numerous clients on Corporate restructures, acquisitions and recoveries.

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